Marco Ligabue

Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini - Firenze

Presentation "… and still the Queen kept crying ‘Faster ! Faster !’ … "

L. Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass


Tommaso Tozzi

Academy of Fine Arts in Florence

Presentation“L’arte delle reti dal di-segno al diss/egno”



program notes



Marco Ligabue* – Presentation: "… and still the Queen kept crying ‘Faster ! Faster !’ … "/L. Carroll, Through the Looking-Glass

A synthetic, veryincomplete, personal and idiosyncratic overview of electric and digital technologies and their impact on music and society from the very beginnings up to day, probably already yesterday. With slides, sounds and video, an attempt to look forward leaving surely more questions than answers on our rush for the edge of tomorrow.



Tommaso Tozzi – Presentation: “L’arte delle reti dal di-segno al diss/egno”

Abstract/It is a lectur whose theme is the art of the networks. Through a series of historical examples I will to describe how in this art form the sign takes a dimension that combines aspects of representation as the direct experience of reality, and became dis / sign and encouraging cooperation and sharing.







3.1, improvisation for laptop ensemble (10’00”)

Mirjana Nardelli, Francesco Attilio, Giovanni Tancredi, Cristian Maddalena (Laptos)


POEM, voice and video


Vanessa Trippi*

Deaf, Dumb and Blind, acousmatic (6’06”)


POEM, voice and video


Linda Tuci*

dei Destini, acusmatic (5’12”)


Andrea Bui*

Missa brevis (to the unarmed man), video (9’35”)


Alessandra Panerai

La nave, opera multimediale in tre quadri liberamente ispirata al racconto “Il mar delle blatte” di Tommaso Landolfi (12’00”)

Verdiana Raw (performer), Alessandra Panerai (live electronics)


POEM, voice and video


Cristian Gajardo Allende

AUSTRALTOUR, per flauti, charango, plastica, live electronics e video (10’00”)

Davide Franceschi (flauti), Cristian Gajardo Allende (live electronics)





Various Authors - POEM

selection of poems of several authors.

Matteo Masi (voice)


program notes


E-cor - 3.1, improvisation for laptop ensemble

The e-cor project formed in 2012 with the goal to gather together electroacoustic musicians from the Conservatory of Latina Ottorino Respighi; subsequently the ensemble became independent, performing several times out of the academic context. They played in international music festivals: EMUfest (International Eletroacoustic MUsic FESTival Rome), Di_stanze (Goethe Institute Palermo), Festival delle arti sonore (University of Rome "Tor Vergata"), Festival "Le forme del suono"(Cons. O.Respighi Latina), Radio Vaticana, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Radio Cemat.  During each performance results in the creation of a new sonic composition, taking advantage both of the freedom and the expressive depth offered by electroacoustic sound manipulation. The goal is to create an acoustic space in which the listener is immersed, breaking away from reality and entering a new world of perceptions.

Vanessa Trippi* - Deaf, Dumb and Blind

[...] At first it was no more than a mere tremor... The house shook like a Dweurgarian cinder in the sieves of Niflheim. Every timber in the floor beneath my feet quivered like a suffering thing. My typewriter trembled till I could imagine that the keys were chattering of their fear. A brief moment and it was over. [...] Once more I am alone with this portentous calm. [...] I wish the throbbing in my ears would stop! It is as if mad spectral players were beating a duet upon the aching drums [...] the tattoo upon my ears has ceased and a low whisper has caught my attention... the overwhelming significance of the thing has just registered itself upon my bewildered brain... I can hear! It is not a single whispering voice, but many! [...] Unseen fingers grip me... ghost fingers that lack the physical strength to force me from my machine... [...] It is dark *** not the darkness that is part of years of blindness * * * the impenetrabile darkness of sin-steeped night *** the pitch-black darkness of Purgatory I see *** spes mea Christus! *** it is the end *** The end? Nay! It is but the blissful beginning...


Linda Tuci* - dei Destini

dei Destini is the vision of the souls in agitation before the fulfilment of their destiny. The breaths get up from the depth, almost they seem songs, they are increasingly participating with new beats, with loud changes of souls that, impatients, are rising above the inevitable. It could adapt F. Hölderlin's verse for which Destiny “was shaking, like the fire that rises in the heart of earth”.


Andrea Bui* – Missa brevis (to the unarmed man)

Time-lapse: a term denoting a technique of taking a sequence of frames to record changes that take place slowly over time. L'homme armé: a French secular song from the time of the Renaissance. It was the most popular tune used for musical settings of the Ordinary of the Mass. The Mass, a form of sacred musical composition, is a choral composition. Natural vs. Artificial time, mixing together continuously and mutually evolving while observed. Music and technology can help us to modify the streaming, but flowing inexorably.

Alessandra Panerai - La nave

THE SHIP, Multimedia Opera in three sketches freely adapted from the story "The cockroach sea" by Tommaso Landolfi, is the first in a trilogy of tales of terror that I chose to create a multimedia work that has, as its center, the female figure in relation to violence and/or death. The idea of this project, was born after reading the story of Tommaso Landolfi titled “The cockroach sea”. Beyond the originality of the writing, I’ve been captured by some images of the story, from which extracted three musical paintings and, with them, I made a short, silent, black and white film. What I wanted to show is the difficult path towards the pursuit of happiness/awareness undertaken by what Jung calls the "wild woman", understood as the powerful psychic force, instinctive and creative, too often stifled by fears, insecurities and stereotypes. Awareness is the only way to escape the torture and the black man that each one carries with herself.


Cristian Gajardo Allende - AUSTRALTOUR

the recycling is a transition from the waste material to something useful. It is this transition that makes the structure: from dream to reality (awakening), and from chaos to peace. Dream are led by charango instrument typical of the Andes, which is interrupted by the flute, is the start of the reality that takes us into the chaos of the waste! Where the other characters appear: the BOTTLE plastic and singing in Quechua, which together with the flutes will bring us back home!