Takuto Fukuda

Beyond the eternal chaos, for Flute and electronic score (10’00”)

Elisa Azzarà (flauto), Takuto Fukuda (live electronics)


POEM, voice and video


Andrew Hill

Abstracted journeys, acousmatic (5’05”)


POEM, voice and video


Sasan Bahadori Nejad*

La vita, performance (7’26”)

Sasan Bahadori Nejad (performer)


POEM, voice and video


Nicola Frattegiani

Blocks/Ropes water and blocks (6’19’)


POEM, voice and video


Andrew Hill

Perpetual motion, video (9’48”)


Giovanna Bartolomei

Il viaggio, for dance, video and electronic score (10’00”)

Fabio Piccione (collab. video)

Aurora Teani (dancer)





Various Authors - POEM

selection of poems of several authors.

Matteo Masi (voice)


program notes


Takuto Fukuda - Beyond the eternal chaos

Beyond the eternal chaos was composed in 2014 at IEM at die Kunstuniversität Graz in Austria. This piece was inspired by transformative phenomena between one and another. The inspiration is reflected to several levels of the piece such as changes of a prominence between flute and electronics depended on sections, transition between noise and tone in a phrase and so on.


Andrew Hill - Abstracted journeys

A playful journey through the sounds of a modern city. The work seeks to playfully explore the sonic textures present within audio recordings, transporting the listener on a surrealistic journey in sound. The sounds were recorded in external locations around Liverpool and Leicester, before being transformed, edited and montaged. Abstracted Journeys was commissioned as part of the EARS2and was premiered in Paris at the Groupe de recherches musicales (GRM), Akousma festival, January 2013.

Sasan Bahadori Nejad*  - La vita

This piece of music is experiences and emotions of a person's life. Sounds that can be heard in the life and feelings of the person that TANBOR (Iranian musical instrument) is played. Target is storytelling of the life and to instill the concept of life and also This piece tells the experiences of a person in his life with music.


Nicola Frattegiani - Blocks/Ropes water and blocks

Composer: Nicola Fumo Frattegiani


Blocks like bulks.

Block like sound clusters moving in the empty space and turning into stones thrown into the void.

But block are also conglomerates, aggregation, union of sounds that embrace ad destroy one another until they dissipate and hurt themselves.

A messy dance rising from the silence and violently lashing down the casts, until fading out. Slowly and inexorably.


The slow dripping of water grains.

Pulverised ropes gasping.

The slow dragging of resonances.

One is entering a deformed space oscillating between concrete docks and frothy waters.

A mind port. A transit area. The dimension where opposite meet.

The farewell and forsake. The docking and the discovery.

A short trip beyond the point of no return.



Andrew Hill - Perpetual motion

Perpetual Motion is a work that explores the idea of constant flux. Whether moving forward through time or about in space we are never constant. We are always moving on, marching steadily forwards. This work was inspired by and developed exclusively from materials collected from the Paternoster lift in the Attenborough tower in Leicester. The paternoster lift itself is in constant motion, the open compartments slide slowly between floors in a never ending loop, rising and falling, passing constantly in a seamless flow of perpetual motion.


Giovanna Bartolomei - Il viaggio

“A Journey ... an inner journey given by the silent awareness of the existence of something that goes far beyond what we see and hear ... the need to go beyond the boundaries imposed by the mind and psyche ... the deep selfseeking, maybe lost, but never abandoned... its development and the Human evolution that follows ... the vision and understanding of a different universe, consisting of an "All Energy" that creates those bonds "impossible" to the physical eyes with which we look ... endless projections of parallel dimensions ... this is what underlies the socalled "Astral Travel" topic of reflection of this multimedia work, where sounds and visual projections intertwine and interact with the "Dance" by a performer."







Lamberto Maffei

Presidente Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei

Presentation “Neuroscienza, arte e creatività”



program notes


Lamberto Maffei - Presentation “Neuroscienza, arte e creatività”


"Why do some visual stimuli seem to be more interesting and exciting than others for the nervous system? Why these signs and figures have emotional value, that are so effective in stimulating the centers of emotion? What a fine connoisseur of mental functioning must be the real artist if he can find the paradigms of shapes and colors so universally effective to involve the viewer!

Obviously the attempts to answer are in most cases entirely speculative. The research in neurophysiology and neuropsychology do not offer solutions, but lay the foundation for advancing hypotheses and conjectures do to fill the gap between scientific knowledge and the visual arts.

Groped to understand the ties that bind perception and visual art is an experience of great interest, because the persuasion of being able to penetrate the profound meaning of the artwork combines the opportunity to learn something new on the functioning of the nervous system. "











Tarogato Solo Concert

Esther Lamneck


Esther Lamneck and Jorge Sosa

interactive computer and tarogato

Folk song


Paola Lopreiato

Inner Voices, tarogato, fixed media and video


David Durant

Condensed Cry, electronic score for Tarogato

guest performer Cristian Gajardo Allende (contrabass)


Esther Lamneck and Leonello Tarabella

Jacaranda, interactive video and sound



program notes


Jorge Sosa - Folk Song

is a collaborative piece developed with Esther Lameneck. The piece is born from improvisation, as most of the material in the electronics was recorded by Esther during an improvisation session. Improvisation becomes the final element in the piece as well, as the performer and laptop operator improvise together transforming the sound of the tarogato in real time and reacting to each other's gestures. Folk Song is influenced by traditional Hungarian Music, which is quoted and paraphrased at various points during the piece. My goal was to develop a piece where melody, and noise coexist, and where the lines between composition and improvisation are diluted.


Paola Lopreiato - Inner Voices

This work for Video, live tarogato and fixed media was composed for Dr Esther Lamneck, Director of NYU program of Woodwind Studies and is dedicated to her. The sonority of this piece evoke spaces, silences, depth, the memory of an inner world. Images and music are strictly connected. This work for video, live instrument and fixed media consists of two elements: The first element is the recording of spots in the english countryside and at the centre of the spot there is a chimney. The sound part of fixed media is made of concrete material, is a recording of water and the bell of a rail crossing. The second element is made of different spots of people from different angles in different cities and locations. They are mostly pictures lasting few seconds. The sound part is made mostly of original sound of tarogato and of sounds of the same instrument manipulated with ring modulation, resonator, delay, granulation, reverb together with click generator. The chimney represent our inner world as a modern volcano trembles and is ready to erupt all its energy. This potentially overwhelming energy is heard in the sound of rushing water. The sweet melody made of electronic sounds represents the chant that is repeated every day by the society, the fairy tale that we were told and we want or we should believe.  The live instrument is the voice of our inner world, is our willingness to defend our thoughts, to fight what they want us to believe and fight for our individuality. the musician on the stage is mixed with the video and its symbols but also with the sounds that surround her. She fights to declare what ferments and grows inside her,the creativity and freedom. She screams, until her last breath, her inner life, her freedom and creativity, trying to emerge beyond what they want us to believe or think, exceeding the common thinking and morality.


David Durant - Condensed Cry

The Condensed Cry (2004) was realized in the Electronic Music Studio at the University of South Alabama Department of Music.  The piece uses for source material a recording of a young woman speaking the word cry, in English and Spanish, using a variety of inflections.


Esther Lamneck and Leonello Tarabella - Jacaranda

This performance is a result of the long standing academic and artistic collaboration between Esther Lamneck and Leonello Tarabella.  

Having worked together since the mid ‘90s  they have realized multimedia productions throughout Italy and in New York.

In “Jacaranda” Esther Lamneck  creates the tarogato material following a pre-defined storyboard. The storyboard has been realized as real-time interactive computer music/graphics as composed by Leonello Tarabella. Prof Tarabella plays the PalmDriver (PD), a gestural interface based on infra-red beam technology, which he has developed over the last fifteen years at the computerART Lab of CNR, Pisa, Italy.

The graphics have been designed using Quartz Composer. It is controlled by MIDI data sent to Quartz via an Internal Application Communication (IAC) driver. Midi stream is produced by programs written as algorithmic composition as well as from information produced by the performer’s gestures which interact with the PD device. Front projection creates an interactive and immersive dynamic scenario for both the performers.