POEM, voice and video


Luis Valdivia

Xaev1uox, acousmatic 4 channels (15’20”)


Giorgio Albiani

Pensieri invisibili, video (3’00”)


Florent Colautti

En-dedans, acousmatic (13’32”)


POEM, voice and video


Gregorio Panerai*

Migrations, for violin and live electronics (5’42”)

Luca Tavanti* (violin), Gregorio Panerai* (live electronics)


Adam Stansbie

One times one, acousmatic (11’39”)


Edoardo Dinelli/Giovanna Bartolomei

Metamorphosis, video (6’00”)


Marco Marinoni

Of Shape and Action V – Vestida de Tormenta, acousmatic 4 channels (6’24”)




Various Authors - POEM

selection of poems of several authors.

Matteo Masi (voice)


program notes


Luis Valdivia - Xaev1uox, acousmatic Xaev1uox

The piece was finalized om March 2014, and was made with the programm Supercollider. I'm working there with Two dimensionalCellular Atumata from Conway's„Game of Life“.At the same waxy, the musical structures are permanent evolving to new states, they are repetitive or „still lifes“.  The antagonism between life and death, still and evolving structuresis the subject of the piece.


Giorgio Albiani - Pensieri invisibili

multimedia work of Giorgio Albiani - in collaboration with Serena Meloni and Giammarco Rossi/At night the strip of overtaking, omnipresent and always equal to itself the sound of the road and the engine cradle you in the lap of a car. Throughout the time of the trip, successive thoughts and moods intimate and deep, alternating with other fruit combinations of messy. This is nothing more than an "attempt" media to tell the thoughts that inhabit a trip.


Florent Colautti - En-dedans

Building a parallel between the human electric flow and an electric object, me shapes an organic life, an electric pressure, a static electricity reflecting the effect of "tension" and "charge"(positive / negative). Whether it is the voltage or the human tension these energy flows give birth to a traffic, resistances, balances...


Gregorio Panerai* - Migrations

The theme that has inspired the writing of this piece is the concept of sound's migration, meaning it as an extension of the term migration itself. Looking deeper into these two words we can better understand the structure, the form and meaning of the song. The migrations are movements that animals perform on a regular, periodic (seasonal), along well-defined routes (and usually repeated), and covering long distances , but then,they always come back to the areas of departure.We have created an arched path with various instrumental timbres of the violin. It starts from very small elements, such as the pinched . and that gradually evolve until they become long sound textures, and then permanently reverse the process and return to the point of departure.


Adam Stansbie - One times one

one times one was commissioned by The Electroacoustic Project (dir. Thomas Gorbach) and premiered on their acousmonium in June 2014.

Adam Stansbie is known for his electroacoustic/acousmatic compositions, which have been widely performed (throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australasia), published (Elektramusic, Musique et Recherche, Taukey and Sargasso) and prized (IMEB, Musiques et Recherches, Destellos Foundation). Alongside his creative work, Adam has written extensively on the presentation and performance of acousmatic music and he is currently interested in the various ontological/phenomenological paradoxes that the acousmatic tradition seems to produce. Adam has taught at a number of institutions and is currently lecturing at The University of Sheffield where he directs the MA in Sonic Arts and the MA in Composition. For more information, visit: www.adamstansbie.com


Edoardo Dinelli/Giovanna Bartolomei - Metamorphosis

“Μεταμόρφωση” is the greek therm for changement, evolution, movement. Thus a being living through one form, gets into an other one, after a path made of more or less important steps. In the video two indefinite creatures, qualified by the very listener who chooses their sex, underground and maybe mood, pass through a precise transformation, a metamorphosis. Said fluid and even funny changement, occurs without any sorrowful aspect, in a natural and spontaneous way. Yet there’s no fate, or purpose, but only a metamorphosis. The soundtrack sonorizes images with total musicality, thus video forms and movements “pilot” forms and sound effects, that become real musical gestures.


Marco Marinoni - Of Shape and Action V – Vestida de Tormenta Of Shape and Action V - Vestida de Tormenta

Vestida de Tormenta is part of Of Shape and Action (2002-), a cycle of works for fixed media, which require diffusion on multichannel audio system and have the peculiarity of assuming as starting material for sound processing the recording of some poems read by the author. In the case of Vestida de Tormenta, the poem is; by Juan Vicente Piqueras:  Yo sería el varón y tú la hembra /vestida de tormenta. Dormirías /en la palma del mar menos pensado/ diadema de otra luz en tus cabellos/ y en las manos remotas / la arena fugitiva de nosotros/ desiertos y felices. Viviríamos lejos, olvidados / del tiempo, ahora, en que éramos esclavos / de nuestro propio miedo y de este absurdo / mundo, sicario a sueldo de la muerte/ La isla está en nosotros aguardandoque la rabia madure y se nos lleve/ Yo sería el varón y tú la hembra. / La memoria sería la manzanathe .