Marcella Antonini, Flora Gagliardi*, Alfonso Belfiore*


Esther Lamneck

Presentation of the Master Class Multimedia Ensemble Lab

Jeremy Turner

Presentation of personal exhibition “Redacted”

Maggie Jackson

Presentation of the installation of Bill Viola “I do not know what it is I am like”

Maggie Jackson

Presentation of the installation and paper“On the road”


Marco Ligabue*

Presentation of the installation Pietro Grossi “Un pensiero al futuro”


Nicola Giannini* - Apparati Effimeri

Presentation of the installation “Naturalis Historia”


Gelareh Soleimani Lavasani*

Presentation of the installation “Dove vola la nostra voce?”


Emanuele Giorgetti

Presentation of the installation “Oikeiosis, Spiriti ancestrali”


Simone D’Ambrosio - Audiotopie

Presentation of the installation Parallel Circles/Prospettive


Alfonso Belfiore*

Introduction of the installation “SPAWN/make the game”


Alfonso Belfiore*

Closing conference, brief presentation of future events


6.00 PM-6.30 PM/GARDEN

opening of outside installations






Vernissage/opening inside installations







Alfonso Belfiore*

Spawn, make the game (12’00”)

Interactive multimedia installation for sounds, images, DEVA Powersoft devices and people.

Idea, project and realization - Alfonso Belfiore

Technical support and realization - Roberto Neri

Collaboration and technical support - Powersoft


Young-Shin Choi

Pamuk, for gayageum and electronics (8’33’’)

Young-Shin Choi (gayageum)


Lucy Steggals

Colour Mining Blue, video (7’57”)


POEM, voice and video


Thomas Beverly

Dancing tree, video (6’54’’)


Davide Palmantiero, Giuseppe Pisano, Massimo Varchione

Improvviso project, improvisation for 3 laptops and guitar(10’00”)


POEM, voice and video


Gelareh Soleimani Lavasani*

Io, for dance and fixed media

Sabina Cesaroni, dancer





Various Authors - POEM

selection of poems of several authors.

Matteo Masi (voice)


Alfonso Belfiore* - Spawn, make the game

Interactive multimedia installation for sounds, images, DEVA Powersoft devices and people.

Idea, project and realization - Alfonso Belfiore

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Program notes


Young-Shin Choi - Pamuk

Pamuk is my fourth work influenced by Brush Calligraphy focuses on transforming the gestures inside the strokes and the shades of ink to music with the gayageum (Korean 12-string zither) and electronics. Non-processed traditional sounds and substantially processed sounds coexist and create intriguing sonorities. They are varied, detailed, subtle, flexible, reactive, blending with and supporting one another.


Lucy Steggals - Colour Mining Blue

Blue Town is a suburb of the town of Sheerness on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Blue Town grew up alongside the Naval Dock Yard during the Napoleonic Wars. It gained its distinctive name from the practice of the earliest inhabitants to preserve their wooden houses using blue paint ‘liberated’ from their employers in the dock yard. It is a small self-contained community positioned in a triangle of houses and alleyways, compressed between the dockyard wall and Well Marsh (home to the steel works).

In February and March 2012 I put on a pair of blue high-top trainers and spent 30 days colour mining blue in the town. The data collected was used to create the short film Colour Mining Blue. The physical archive of blue (photographs, film and audio recordings) is housed at the Blue Town Heritage Centre.


Thomas Beverly - Dancing tree

Dancing Tree is product of my fascination with slow growth. The tree in this time lapse video is about 300 years old, but is only 15 feet tall because of the desert environment where it grows. The music in this piece is a sonification of the subtle, but often frenetic movement of the dancing tree on one windy day in the desert of west Texas.


Davide Palmantiero, Giuseppe Pisano, Massimo Varchione - Improvviso

The performance "Improvviso" is based on the interplay between the three musicians, refined after a long period of rehearsals. The initial choice, from which the whole project moves, is the denial of a fixed form. Each performance is different from the previous one because the research of new sounds by each of the members is constant and avoids the crystallization of musical thought.  The listening attitude and a costant work for mutual understanding are the core of “Improvviso”.


Gelareh Soleimani Lavasani* - Io

The song is an attempt to reach inner union between East and West, a West represented by a world of sound technology and an east represented by the traditional Iranian music as has happened in fact in the life of the author. The game between the treated and pure sound is the metaphor of a person lost, lost between two completely different worlds who travels mentally and in continuation to find herself. The sounds glissandos are the signs of these endless journeys. East and West are in front of ourselves to the outside world, are the trips that never end and the questions that will never have answers. The bran ends in wait, waiting to find a balance. The piece lasts 10 minutes and is divided into 8 sections, here are used fragments of the repertoire of Persian music (Radif). Radif is divided into a structure that includes 7 dastgah ava and 5, each of these structures implies an inner and philosophical way. In the opera some of these structures are used : NAVA, Shoor, Afshari, ABUATA and HOMAYUN. The opera is made with various synthesis techniques using various software. Some parts have been realized with the software Csound both for sound synthesis of electroacoustic original materials for both the treatment of products with the sounds Setar.